Australian Festival Management was established in January 2011 and is specifically designed to work with your Festival or Event and as part of The Pushworth Group of Companies works from a diverse catalogue of services, from some of the highest paid recording charting and touring artists in Australia, representing artists into Qld for some National Agents, to managing its own impressive roster of Artists throughout Australia and producing Festival Bills and Music Events for some of Australia’s most successful promoters. Pushworth directs comprehensive Talent Recruitment programs for the major corporate hospitality chains in Queensland and conducts extensive Publicity campaigns for a variety of clients around the country.

Australian Festival Management specializes in

  • Community Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Media Launches
  • Regional and City Council Festivals
  • Government Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Music Industry Conferences

Thanks to our National Strategic Alliance networks, our clients gain exclusive access to the largest network of artists and service infrastructure suppliers in Australia. The scope of our concert calendar bookings convert to large savings on the price you will pay for your entertainment and associated services.