The number one focus for any service provided by The Pushworth Group will always be Budget. We focus our attention and energy on activities that will reach ticket buyers in the cultural branding of the Festival Target Market.

By using a Project MANAGEMENT Model in all Event Services delivered, we leverage Risk Management and Profitability as the underlying process in the management and delivery of every service. Via an extensive Internal and External analysis process, our due diligence in Scenario development, contingency plans and stakeholder consultation is a key factor in our Risk Analysis.

Our vision for every Event is a long term objective where a congruent vision compliments the values of the community set against a chart of expected outcomes in alignment with benchmark able achievements.

All services provided by us are dictated by those two objectives – BUDGET and RISK MANAGEMENT.

Festival Policies to address Risk Management and limit risk exposure in an ever changing landscape of legislation have been developed each year as part of our ongoing investment and commitment to our support for the Caxton Street Development Association.

Every Festival is an ever changing organism, evolving and growing with its brand culture from year to year. We are always eager to explore the shifting culture in your Brand while keeping vigilant on the all important bottom line.

Our bottom line for your Festival IS the bottom line.

  1. Evaluation of Event Brief
  2. Planning
  3. Negotiation
  4. Applications and Permits
  5. Consultation with Key Stakeholders
  6. Event Budget Management including Funding Reporting
  7. Sponsor Liaison – Infrastructure, Signage, Ice (excluding Negotiation, Agreements, Payment Administration)
  8. Charity Partner Liaison – Infrastructure, Signage, Merchandise (excluding Negotiation, Agreements, Payment Administration)
  9. Event Logistics
  10. Event Operations
  11. Event Catering
  12. Environmental Protection Plan
  13. Event Risk Management Plan
  14. Emergency Plan
  15. Traffic Management, Transport and Parking Plan
  16. Stage, Production and Entertainment Plan
  17. Event Document Management – Event Management Plan, Event Operations Manuals Information Kits, Guidelines, Applications, Agreements, Prospectus, Policies produced by The Pushworth Group and provided to all Stakeholders
  18. Site Access Plan – Accreditation Maps, Wristband Organization and Delivery to Stakeholders
  19. Event Report  PRE and POST
  20. Standard Event Resident Management PRE DURING and POST

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To enquire about our Event Management Packages please call 07 3715 6036 or email NICKI@AUSTRALIANFESTIVALMANAGEMENT.COM.AU