Australian Festival Management Stage Management Service Delivery is as follows:

1. Evaluation of Operations Manual and Event Brief
2. Recruitment and Supply of Trained Stage Managers
3. Event Induction with Production Manager, Site Manager, Event Manager and other required Stakeholders.
4. Management of Stage/s
5. Overview of Production Management of Crew
6. Option to integrate with the TEAM PUSHWORTH VOLUNTEER program for Crew and Stage Hands
7. Management of Artists and Entourage

Stage Managers

8. Communication with Event Stakeholders
9. Partnership with Production Management to satisfy and audit track EPA requirements
10. Supervision of Stage Set Up – Bump In and Bump Out
11. Supervision of Festival Code of Conduct for all persons on, side or back stage
12. Event Report

Side Of Stage

To enquire about our Stage Management Packages please call 07 3715 6036 or email NICKI@AUSTRALIANFESTIVALMANAGEMENT.COM.AU