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Australian Festival Management is committed to strengthening and enriching its social ties with community across many industry realms. The driving force behind our Industry Education programs is to meet the present and future needs of society by contributing to all levels of intellectual, economic, social, and cultural development. The Pushworth Group of Companies Volunteers program provides an opportunity for various Organizations to engage members of the community in a diverse cross section of roles where there are mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Volunteers have knowledge, expertise and unique skills and are interested in donating their time in an intellectually and physically challenging and rewarding environment.
Opportunities will be advertised here in the TEAM PUSHWORTH Volunteer Recruitment program.

Once application is made for a specific event, a Task Statement will be provided for each Volunteer to give a clear outline of the expectations of the role including the relevant knowledge, skills, and experience and qualifications required (if applicable).

Australian Festival Management provides a compliant platform for Volunteers including Agreements, Code of Conduct, Induction and Training programs, Policy (OHS, EEO etc) and retain record logs to add value to each Volunteer contribution (Time Logs, HR Records, Work Reviews, Appreciation Certification, Fair Exchange)

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To enquire about our Volunteer Packages please call 07 3124 4051 or email NICKI@AUSTRALIANFESTIVALMANAGEMENT.COM.AU