Entertainment Bill Production Best Practice:

  1. We must exclusively co-ordinate 100% of entertainment bill.
  2. We must exclusively coordinate all Production procurement.
  3. We must exclusively procure Production and Back Line to the Artist Specification with the budget approved.

 The Entertainment Bill Production Considerations are:

  1. The Entertainment Bill is produced to address your Brand Target Markets:
  2. Minimize the Festival budget
  3. Maximize target market in a very limited environment
  4. Include Artists that will generate Maximize Media Attention
  5. Stage Size Restrictions
  6. Production Caveats
  7. Satisfying EPA Compliance

 The Entertainment Bill Production Process Is:

  1. Evaluation of Event Brief according to Brand Target Markets and above Considerations
  2. Recruitment of Suitable Entertainment via all Agents and Managers across Australia.
  3. Procurement of Suitable Festival MCs.
  4. Procurement of Suitable Opening Dignitary or Celebrity
  5. Production and Delivery of Opening Itinerary and Speech for Dignitary or Celebrity
  6. Procurement of Suitable Production Infrastructure.
  7. Procurement of Suitable Staging Infrastructure.
  8. Procurement of a Generator Hire Service to provide the Power for stages in accordance with the brief and as approved if required.
  9. Negotiation with Artists to obtain Sponsorship of the Festival by the donation of their Performance Fee
  10. Dedicated Pushworth Production Manager. Noting the complexity and importance of the Festival Entertainment, it is critical that a Production Manager be overseeing both stages and be contactable at all times to supervise Bump In Bump Out, Liaison with EPA Regulators during the day about Noise and Production Requirements or negotiate with performers regarding specific production requirements on the day.
  11. Contractual Issue of Event Paperwork (Proposal, Contract, Worksheet, Production Specs per Artist, Staging Specs per Artist, Event Schedule, Invoice and Statement) – Specific Performer/MC Production Requirements

The Entertainment Management Protocols are:

(Stages, Artists, Equipment, Production + Crew)

  1.  Artist Merchandising will be offered at the Festival Information Booth
  2. Back Stage Access and Management
  3. Communication Plan – Stage to Stage, Production, Security and Stakeholders
  4. Communication and Decision Contingency Plan
  5. Green Room Plan
  6. Headset Equipment
  7. Media Access and Photographer Consent Plan
  8. OHS – Event Electrician, Lead Tagging, Insurance, Liability, Disclaimers, Authorities and Agreements
  9. Crowd Control – Punter Security Stage Safety Procedures
  10. Resource Management – Cold Tubs, Refreshments
  11. Riders Provided in the Green Room
  12. Signage Plan
  13. Traffic Control – Bump in and Bump Out
  14. Weather Control Measures


To enquire about our Entertainment Bill Production Package please call 07 3715 6036 or email NICKI@AUSTRALIANFESTIVALMANAGEMENT.COM.AU